Consequences of Alcohol


There are many consequences to drinking alcohol that have to deal with the law and the person consuming the drink. If you are under age, you can get charged for under aged drinking or even if you are in possession of alcohol. You can become very sick or even worse, addicted to alcohol which could end up causing death. You may black out or lose consciousness which makes you more vulnerable to being physically harmed or sexually abused. Not to mention you may not remember what happened and harm yourself or others. Long term effects include permanent damage to your liver, brain, and heart.


Same as with drugs, you can overdose on alcohol. An overdose means you have had too much to drink for your body to handle. When someone overdoses on alcohol, they actually have alcohol poisoning. This means they have more alcohol running through their veins than blood, causing the body to be poisoned by the alcohol. This can do extensive damage to your liver, brain, and heart. It can also be fatal.

Signs of an Overdose

It is not always easy to spot alcohol poisoning as the symptoms may not appear for an hour or so after drinking. Symptoms can vary from person to person, but it is important to recognize them and respond appropriately. If you notice anyone that has been drinking and has slow, labored, or abnormal breathing, pale or bluish skin, cold and clammy, rapid pulse, low blood pressure, no response to being talked to or pinched, cannot stand up, or will not wake up contact someone for help right away! You could end up saving their life. For immediate emergency call 911.

  • Person responds but is listless and sleepy. Roll the person into their side to avoid choking in case of vomiting. Never induce vomiting in a person that has been drinking.
  • Passed out. Gently shake or pinch to wake the person up.
  • No response, but is breathing regularly. Monitor the persons breathing and call for help if it gets worse.
  • Irregular breathing, unconscious, bluish skin. Call 911 immediately as this person could have alcohol poisoning.

If you have any doubt at all about the seriousness of the situation, call for immediate medical assistance. Do not be afraid or embarrassed to do so. You could save a life!


  • Minor consuming alcohol
  • Minor possessing alcohol
  • Intoxicated in a public place
  • Impaired driving

If you need help, know someone who needs help or would just like more information about alcohol and its affects, check out our Getting Help page for a list of helpful resources you can contact. Also, do not forget that your school councillor is always available to listen and talk, as are we. You can always Contact Us